Makaita (English)

Kennel Makaita is located in Lillehammer, 2 hours north of Oslo, Norway.

Tariro, had 9 boys and two girls, the summer of 2022.

Wadiwa, Tariro, Kamoto and I live in a cozy house, with a large garden, close to beautiful Norwegian wild life and forrest areas near Lillehammer. Besides being a dedicated «dog-lady», I also teach merchant courses at the local vocabulary high school. Before I started teaching I worked as a hotel manager for approx 15 years.

Me, the breeder, Anita Menkerud, has a Master degree in hotel management and vocational pedagogy. I have been breeding Rhodesian ridgeback since 2015, and also compete with them in dogshows, in obedience, Rally Obedience, blood tracking, ID-tracking, IPO obedience and agility.
I am an instructor focusing on the dogs having fun, enhancing what is good, ignoring what is not.
I also teach tracking, obedience, show handling and physical dogtraining for improved performance and endurance; live and online.

I drive approx 40.000 km each year, which most of it is dog-related. In 2019 I also startet my own cattery.

I am also a member of the NRRK board, show-comittee, health-, breeding- and mental committee and is a former leader of the election comittee. I am also a former leader of the local working dog club, and former member of the local border of the Norwegian kennel Club.

Our E-litter was born July 11th 2022. Tariro delivered 1 puppies: 9 males and 2 girls. (4 livernose, 5 black nose) 1 offset, 1 single crown and 1 kincked tail. Diwa was sold to Iceland, and I fell in love and kept 3 livernoses in co-ownership.

Our D-litter was born on 24th.December 2021, 10 puppies, 5 correct boys and 5 girls (4 correct and one with 1 crown) We kept Kamoto at home.

Our C-litter was born July 23rd 2020. 8 puppies, 4 correct boys and 4 correct girls (one of which was stillborn) The bitch’s owner kept one girl at home RL1 Zira, classwinner Crufts 22

Our B-litter was born March 30th 2019. 8 boys (1DS) and 2 girls (1 with kincked tale+offset). We kept one girl at home, Tariro, and one boy in Co-ownership, N UCH Masimba


Our keeper from the B-litter is N uch RL1 RL2 LP1 BH-VT IBGH1 Makaita’s Tariro Shalitas barnebarn

Sire: multi ch. Écaille Anunnaki
Dam: Nord Ch N Se Fi ch RL1 NjW-17 SeW-18 RUBISS-18 Makaita’s Amahle Wadiwa of Shalita

Height/Weight: 61,5cm 34kg
Hd:A/A , Ad/Ed: 0/0
JME, Hemophilia B, EOAD: clear

DM: carrier
B-locus: B/b

10 months BB

5 months old, Best baby 4-6 months

Our A-litter was born 25th August 2016.

Wadiwa, is our «keeper» from the A-litter. You can read more about Wadi and her sisters here. Here is our show statistics (shows in Norway)

Our keeper Makaita’s Amahle Wadiwa, was born 25, August 2016

Nord uch N Fi Se UCH SeW-18 NJW-17 RL1 RL2 RL3 LP1 BH-VT IBGH1 RUBISS-18 RUBISS -22 Makaita’s Amahle Wadiwa of Shalita

Sire: SE UCH SE VCH Anzantras Howlin Pelle
Dam: NO UCH AD RL2 Afland’s Bushira Shalita

Height/Weight: 65cm 40kg
Hd B/B, Ad/Ed 0/0
JME, Hemophilia B, EOAD and DM: Clear
Ridge: R/r
B-locus: B/B

NRRK winner lists: 2018

#1 top winning rhodesianridgeback 2018
#1 most versatile Norwegian rhodesian ridgeback 2018


22 weeks: BOB + BIG2

21 Weeks: BB4 Saturday, BB3 sunday

20 weeks: BB2

2016: First puppy show, 18 weeks: BOB + BIG2




Our foundation bitch, dearest Shalita, left us spring of 2017.